Data Innovators

Businesses, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, and the public can leverage publicly available open data released through open data portals to inform their business, create new lines of services, develop products such as mobile applications, find insights, and solve problems.
This page highlights innovative uses of Nova Scotia's open data by the public. If you have used data from the Nova Scotia Government's Open Data Portal and have internal successes you would like to share, please take our survey or get in touch and tell us more!

WoodsCamp Technologies Inc.

Two Nova Scotians using the data in their business are Alastair Jarvis and his business partner Will Martin. They created WoodsCamp, an online tool that uses the province's forest inventory data to match woodlot owners with loggers and markets for their timber.
"Data-rich problem spaces are ripe for social enterprises whose job it is to find new business models to solve problems that governments don't have the time or resources to take on effectively," said Mr. Jarvis. "Making government datasets available to innovators invites experimentation and innovation that delivers impact."

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